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21 May 2020
A review has been published on the Artmargins online about the first volume of the historical avant-garde research group hosted by the Kassák Museum
The article is authored by Meghan Forbes, a postdoctoral fellow of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The review, appeared on the portal dealing with “contemporary art across the evolving global peripheries” considers the Art in Action volume to be one of the most comprehensive undertakings about Hungarian avant-garde journals available for an English speaking public. Meghan Forbes, an expert in the field of the East-Central European avant-garde periodicals, highlights that Kassák’s journals in the heydays of the avant-garde, that is in the early 1920s, were among the central nodes in the network of the international avant-garde journals. The Art in Action: Lajos Kassák’s Avant-garde Journals form A Tett to Dokumentum (1915–1927) is now available online with many other publications of the Museum here. We also recommend to visit the author’s website with numerous intriguing publications. The volume was edited by: Eszter Balázs, Edit Sasvári, and Merse Pál Szeredi. Also contributed: Hubert van den Berg, Judit Galácz, Márton Pacsika, György Tverdota, Gábor Dobó. Design: Klára Rudas.

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