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26 November 2011
Marinko Sudac visited Kassák Museum
On the occasion of the opening of the Ferenc Kiss avant-garde collection, Marinko Sudac (in the middle), owner of the most significant avant-garde collection in the region, visited Kassák Museum. His collection will be the next in January in our new series "The avant-garde in private collections".

The Marinko Sudac Collection with over 10,000 works of art and documents ranging from private letters to the documentary videos and films, is the largest private collection and the most complete collection of the avant-garde art in the region. The Collection is the result of a defined collecting strategy conducted by Marinko Sudac since 2004. At the beginnings collection focus was avant-garde art and related cultural phenomena of former Yugoslavia created during the 1914 – 1989 period. Today it includes the related art practices and phenomena that have simultaneously occurred in the region and throughout the world. The Collection’s goals and activities from the very beginnings were supported by the City of Varaždin (Croatia), where the Museum of Avant-garde hosting the collection’s permanent display will be built.

Mr. Sudac was accompanied to the Kassák Museum by art historians Ješa Denegri (to the right) and Branko Franceschi (the director of the Museum of Avant-garde - to the left). A part of the Marinko Sudac collection will be on display in the Kassák Museum by the end of January, 2012.

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